Moudjadou Soumanou were arrested for attempting to poison Yayi by use of medical drugs. A High Court in Cotonou issued two international arrest warrants against two Benin's econo.

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t year at several downtown facilities and four new bank branches in Chicago. Glenn Tilton, the Midwest chairman of JP Morgan Chase, said at a news conference that the bank would co.

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y agreements and only led to an escalation of demonstrations, with violent clashes between protesters and police. Alvarez is the fourth energy minister to serve in President Piner.

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e of Georgia, as snow and ice brought along by a rare winter storm made roads impassable, forcing many people in the city to sleep in offices and hotels, local media reported Wed.

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dents have met over the weekend on the ongoing United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Minustah), and trade talks between the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) trading bloc.

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y and pledged to deliver more medicines and food for Haitian quake victims. According to the United Nations, the number of Haitians affected by the earthquake could be more than 3 .

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ters are unacceptable," he said. "Attacks on human rights activists are unacceptable. Attacks on peaceful protesters are unacceptable." As many as 5,000 people were wounded in 11 .

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Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota at the State Department. But she said that "a tragic fact" is that some civilian casualties may be "inevitable and unavoidable.

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ailable options to resolve his case," he said. Carney renewed the U.S. call for Bahrain's government, opposition parties, and all spectrums of the society to engage in a "genuine d.

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