foreign direct investment (FDI) has fallen drastically over the last decade from more than 40 percent to 17 percent, reported a leading organization on Friday. In the first six mo.

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-related outage in our history." Bloomberg said that the backup power at New York University Langone Medical center had failed and that 215 patients were successfully moved to near.

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1 people had stayed in the area, which was some 8 to 10 kilometers from the highway. With Colombia entering its rainy season, landslide reports are on the rise in many parts of the.

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adding that "the updating of the economic model will be based on planning and not on the market." The congress will be held at the time the government is implementing a plan to el.

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ustrial gas manufacturer. Citing an emergency dispatcher, the report said at least two people have been taken to the hospital, and nearby roads were closed shortly after the explo.

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TON, May 4 (Xinhua) -- British Petroleum (BP) executives admitted on Tuesday that good solutions are still being sought to tackle the Gulf of Mexico oil spill while U.S. official .

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close to the Mexico-U.S. border less than a month ago. Romero was summoned to take senators' questions on what protective measures her institute had taken for the safety of immigr.

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Long live our people," Maduro shouted amid excited applause from those attending the ceremony. He said that Chavez has left the population and the State " five historical tasks" un.

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of this semester, in June. I will leave not only the court's presidency, but the judge position as well. I will leave public service after almost 41 years," he told Thursday's cou.

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